Best Pennsylvania Flea Markets United States in 2023

Best Pennsylvania Flea Markets United States in 2023

Best Pennsylvania Flea Markets United States

Best Pennsylvania Flea Markets United States ,Embark on a journey through the winding paths of Pennsylvania’s best flea markets with BearTravel, your reliable guide to the unique shopping destinations of the Keystone State. BearTravel’s user-friendly platform reveals the rich troves of antiques, vintage items, and local crafts Pennsylvania flea markets have to offer. Both serene rural landscapes and vibrant urban settings serve as homes to these markets, each bursting with diverse products and experiences. The BearTravel website lets you access a comprehensive guide to Pennsylvania’s top shopping destinations, each with a distinctive flair and an array of products. Whether you’re navigating the broad selection of the largest flea markets or exploring the quaint charm of the smaller ones, BearTravel provides the tools to confidently navigate the grand mosaic of Pennsylvania’s flea market scene.

Recognized as some of the best flea markets in the United States, BearTravel showcases Pennsylvania’s treasure troves of flea markets, becoming an invaluable resource for thrifty shoppers and passionate collectors alike. Vendors from every corner of Pennsylvania converge on these markets with their diverse offerings, contributing to the state’s rich cultural tapestry. BearTravel keeps you informed about the unique offerings of these flea markets, including their flexible operating hours – some remain open all week, others operate on weekends, and a select few run year-round. This flexibility allows you to dive into the vibrant pulse of Pennsylvania’s local commerce at your convenience. We at BearTravel also urge you to verify each market’s current opening times, an important detail that you can conveniently find on our website, ensuring a seamless and memorable Pennsylvania flea market experience.

Fensty’s Flea Market

Sporting an indoor structure, Fensty’s Flea Market in Bally, Pennsylvania operates as a resilient, year-round marketplace. The venue presents visitors with a broad spectrum of items, primarily split into three zones. The first zone offers a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, including Art Nouveau artifacts, 1940s retro items, coins, records, and unique Amish primitives. A vast garage and yard sale zone, spanning over 15,000 square feet, houses a wide array of items. Finally, a specialized zone dedicated to estate sale and clean out items features unsold articles from estate sales, collector-sourced artifacts, and a multitude of hidden treasures.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 20 North 3rd Street, Bally, PA 19503

Website: N/A

Best for: Antiques and Collectibles, Yard Sale Shopping, Estate Sale Finds

Ideal for: Collectors, Bargain Hunters, Antique Enthusiasts, History Buffs

Leighty’s Flea Market

Leighty’s Flea Market, an integral part of the extensive Leighty’s complex, can trace its roots back to 1909 when founders Lloyd and Harv Leighty started it as a farmers’ market. This Pennsylvania staple has transformed from a humble farmers’ market into a full-scale shopping hub, featuring a wide array of produce, unique Halloween decorations, advanced gadgets from Mark’s Computers, creative solutions from Snyder Photography, and tailored flooring solutions from Leighty’s Flooring by Kinsley. Hosting hundreds of indoor and outdoor vendors, Leighty’s Flea Market opens for most of the year, drawing thousands of daily shoppers.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 16148 Dunnings Hwy, Newry, PA 16665

Website: N/A

Best for: Produce, Halloween Decorations, Electronics, Photography, Flooring Solutions

Ideal for: Shoppers, Antique Collectors, Homeowners, Decorators

Hunters and Gatherers Indoor Flea Market

The Hunters and Gatherers Indoor Flea Market occupies the first level of the Nomadic Trading Company building in Punxsutawney. This cozy indoor venue showcases an eclectic mix of vendors, fostering a unique flea market atmosphere in Pennsylvania. The Hunters and Gatherers Market comes alive on the fourth Sunday of every month. With its convenient location, shoppers can easily access the market from Pittsburgh and nearby cities, making it a perfect weekend getaway for treasure hunters.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 400 N Walnut St, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Website: N/A

Best for: Unique Finds, Variety Shopping

Ideal for: Collectors, Bargain Hunters, Vintage Enthusiasts

Freeland Marketplace

A year-round attraction in Pennsylvania, Freeland Marketplace, a dual indoor/outdoor farmers and flea market, displays an expansive range of goods to suit varied tastes. The market presents everything from freshly-picked seasonal produce and enticing imported foods, to artisanal specialty crafts and value-priced furniture. Being a distinguished flea market in Pennsylvania, it showcases a wide selection including toys, tools, furniture, and clothing at unbeatable prices to fascinate the whole family. Epicureans can savor the offerings from a variety of food trucks and stalls serving local cured meats, cheeses, and a smorgasbord of ready-to-eat fare.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 166 Foster Avenue, Freeland, PA 18224

Website: N/A

Best for: Seasonal Produce, Imported Foods, Specialty Crafts, Discounted Furniture

Ideal for: Shoppers, Food Enthusiasts, Bargain Hunters, Craft Lovers

Blue Ridge Flea Market

Since its establishment in 1976, the Blue Ridge Flea Market in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania has served its community consistently, etching its importance as a celebrated Pennsylvania annual event. The flea market, located on the former grounds of the Blue Ridge Drive-in Theater, graces the fringes of the scenic Pocono Mountains. Easy access from Pocono Mountain Resorts, the Lehigh Valley, and various nearby communities add to its charm. Regularly hosting over 300 vendors, it draws a varied crowd seamlessly. The promise of complimentary parking and a chance to savor artisan concessions amplify its appeal, fostering an inviting environment that urges visitors to dedicate a full day exploring its diverse offerings.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 648 Route 115 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 18353

Website: N/A

Best for: Flea market shopping, local artisan concessions, exploring Pocono Mountains

Ideal for: Bargain hunters, food enthusiasts, day-trippers, families

Jake’s Flea Market

In 1980, Jacob Triechler set up Jake’s Flea Market, a staple on Route 100 in Barto, PA. Each season sees more vendors joining this top-ranking flea market in Pennsylvania. The friendly community atmosphere sets Jake’s Flea Market apart. It serves not only as an antique hunting ground but also as a meeting place for friends, a platform for town updates, and a weekly event. Jake’s Flea Market, offering indoor and outdoor spaces and a growing variety of vendors, draws weekend treasure seekers, affirming its ongoing prosperity.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 1380 Rt. 100, Barto, PA 19504

Website: N/A

Best for: Antiques, Vintage Shopping, Community Gathering

Ideal for: Shoppers, Antique Collectors, Local Community Members

Hazen Flea Market

The Hazen Flea Market in Brookville, PA, which usually runs one weekend each month from May to October, vibrates with activity. This nearby flea market, which serves as a vital fundraiser for the Warsaw Township Volunteer Fire Company, relies on a committed team of market staff volunteers. Ever since its establishment in the 1970s, the market has been attracting guests consistently, now offering over 700 vendor spots and drawing about 10,000 visitors on its open weekends. Although visitors enjoy free entry, a small parking fee applies for the neighboring lot.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: Free Entry (Parking Fee Applies)

Address/Location: 6847 Route 28 N, Brookville, PA 15825

Website: N/A

Best for: Vintage and Variety Shopping

Ideal for: Shoppers, Bargain Hunters, Collectors

Root’s Country Market and Auction

Inaugurated in 1925 as a poultry auction in Pennsylvania, Root’s Country Market and Auction has morphed into a lively country market, acclaimed for its variety of goods, including tantalizing baked items, diverse deli delicacies, superior butchers, locally curated products, and handmade collectibles. Paying tribute to its rich legacy, several vendors at Root’s continue to uphold their roles as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation merchants, preserving family traditions and driving the businesses handed down through generations. Whether in pursuit of an exceptional bargain or fresh, local produce, Root’s Market shines as a versatile shopping destination.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 705 Graystone Road, Manheim, PA 17545

Website: N/A

Best for: Bakery Items, Deli Treats, Butchered Meats, Local Produce, Handmade Collectibles

Ideal for: Bargain Hunters, Food Enthusiasts, Collectors, Locals, Tourists

Michaelangelo’s Sunday Flea

Launched in 2010, Michaelangelo’s Sunday Flea Market in Edinburg quickly became an appealing hotspot for locals and travelers, exhibiting an assortment of specialty vendors, interactive events, and a plethora of local goods for sale. Open every Sunday from 6 am to 3 pm all year round, this vibrant indoor/outdoor market along Benjamin Franklin Highway offers a dynamic shopping environment. To curb hunger pangs, a snack bar on the premises serves breakfast and lunch all day, rotating its menu seasonally, positioning it as a perfect weekend escape or an interesting locale for a couples’ adventure.

Open-Close Hour: Every Sunday from 6am until 3pm

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 2475 Benjamin Franklin Hwy (Us Route 422 W), Edinburg, Pennsylvania

Website: N/A

Best for: Specialty Vendors, Local Goods for Sale

Ideal for: Locals, Tourists, Weekend Getaway Seekers, Couples

Willow Glen Flea Market

Among the notable flea markets in Pennsylvania, Willow Glen Flea Market in Sinking Spring opens its doors every Sunday, accommodating patrons from 5 AM to 1 PM. This wholly alfresco market, a crucial part of community gatherings in PA, accommodates a range of antique sellers showcasing a broad assortment of vintage items and collectibles. Dog-friendly and encouraging family attendance, it offers complimentary parking, marking itself as an easily accessible Sunday bazaar in PA. Its standout feature is the participation of Konopelski Katering, a respected local catering service, which enhances the market experience with their delicious food offerings.

Open-Close Hour: Every Sunday from 5 AM until 1 PM

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 94 Park Ave. Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Website: N/A

Best for: Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles, Local Food

Ideal for: Families, Dog-Owners, Antique Lovers

Myerstown Indoor Flea Market

Positioned in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, the Myerstown Indoor Flea Market thrives as a venue that combines shopping and entertainment. It stages live music on Friday nights and orchestrates auctions on Sundays, creating an engaging hub for locals and tourists. It serves an extensive variety of food and offers exciting door prizes, fostering a welcoming environment. Customers can explore an ever-changing lineup of vendors and discover captivating items like carnival glass, artisan-crafted jewelry, and unique antiques. With generous parking provisions, it guarantees a smooth shopping experience. As the market continues to grow, it constantly introduces new vendors.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 115-119 E Main Ave, Myerstown, Pennsylvania

Website: N/A

Best for: Unique Items, Antiques, Artisan-Crafted Jewelry, Live Music, Auctions

Ideal for: Locals, Tourists, Antique Collectors, Artisan Jewelry Lovers, Music Enthusiasts

Quaker City Flea Market

A prominent Philadelphia fixture, Quaker City Flea Market, has remained an attraction since its establishment in 1974 It has matured into a broad outdoor marketplace in Pennsylvania, attracting customers with its affordable selections. Boasting a varied array of vendors supplying vintage items, several vendors have stood their ground since the flea market’s establishment. Known for its indoor and outdoor shopping facilities, this Philadelphia landmark presents a popular choice for weekend activities.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 5001 Comly Street, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Website: N/A

Best for: Vintage items shopping, Affordable shopping, Indoor and Outdoor Shopping

Ideal for: Locals, Tourists, Vintage item collectors, Bargain shoppers

The Farmers’ Flea Market

The Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association founded the Farmers’ Flea Market in Mechanicsburg, PA, in 2007 This vibrant, open-air market has continuously escalated in popularity since its initiation. Born as a fiscal strategy after a hefty land acquisition, volunteers primarily drive this bustling market. It comes alive in the summer season, from April through October, accommodating around 500 vendors. Although the market operates throughout the year, weather conditions affect its outdoor activities. Its vast parking, an extensive range of vendors, and a variety of items for purchase contribute to the Farmers’ Flea Market’s status as a frequently visited weekend hotspot.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 1 Steam Engine Hill, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Website: N/A

Best for: Various goods for purchase

Ideal for: Weekend shoppers, Flea market enthusiasts, Locals, Tourists

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Root’s Old Mill Flea Market

Reputed as a collector’s dream in Manheim, PA, Root’s Old Mill Flea Market, a bustling hub since 1983, continually captivates patrons with its product diversity. Hosting over 175 indoor and outdoor vendor stalls, Old Mill Flea Market ensures customers a rewarding shopping journey through its expansive merchandise-filled aisles. If customers don’t spot their desired items among the varied selection of vintage artwork, estate jewelry, household items, and more, they have the option to explore Root’s Country Market and Auction across the street, another promising shopping destination.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 720 Graystone Road, Manheim PA 17545

Website: N/A

Best for: Vintage Artwork, Estate Jewelry, Household Items, Furniture

Ideal for: Collectors, Bargain Hunters, Locals, Tourists

Rice’s Sale & Country Market

Starting as a modest produce and livestock market, Rice’s Sale & Country Market in Bucks County has transformed into a bustling outdoor hub, drawing bargain seekers from far and wide. It accommodates over 400 vendors, who offer an array of items from clothing, unique gift items, antiques, collectibles, delectable baked goods, to fresh produce. Known as Bucks County’s largest and oldest outdoor marketplace, Rice’s attracts over 8,000 shoppers weekly, appealing to both locals and tourists. Spanning 30 acres, this lively market, operating on Tuesdays and Saturdays from March to December, has established itself as a premier destination in New Hope for bargain goods.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 6326 Greenhill Road, New Hope, PA 18938

Website: N/A

Best for: Antiques, Collectibles, Clothing, Gift Items, Baked Goods, Produce

Ideal for: Bargain Shoppers, Antique Collectors, Food Enthusiasts, Tourists, Locals

The Indoor Flea Market in Wind Gap

The Wind Gap Indoor Flea Market in Pennsylvania operates annually, providing a cozy indoor retail haven filled with a wide variety of sellers. Despite the external climate, this flea market ensures a satisfying buying journey. The market showcases a multitude of items, including charming curiosities, hidden rarities, vintage and affordable furniture, imaginative toys, intricate jewelry, and more. Local food sellers add to the market’s allure. On the weekends, this shopping venue buzzes with activity, attracting those on the hunt for preowned items and handcrafted jewelry.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 316 N Broadway, Wind Gap, Pennsylvania

Website: N/A

Best for: Antiques, Handcrafted Jewelry, Vintage Furniture

Ideal for: Weekend Shoppers, Antique Enthusiasts, Foodies

Quakertown Flea Market

Established in Upper Bucks County in 1932, Quakertown Flea Market has evolved into a favored shopping spot. With more than 150 diverse farmers’ market sections, about 120 indoor vendors, and an impressive 450 outdoor vendors, the market continually attracts bargain hunters. Operating year-round, the market opens from Friday through Sunday, unaffected by weather conditions. Its indoor and outdoor facilities ensure a comfortable environment for bargain hunting.

Open-Close Hour: Friday to Sunday (Hours: N/A)

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 201 Station Road, Quakertown, PA 18951

Website: N/A

Best for: Deals and Discounts, Indoor and Outdoor Shopping, Farmers’ Market Products

Ideal for: Bargain Hunters, Locals, Tourists

Pocono Bazaar Marketplace

In East Stroudsburg, PA, the Pocono Bazaar Marketplace, a vibrant shopping hub, welcomes visitors every Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 9 AM to 5 PM, irrespective of the weather conditions. This beloved Poconos marketplace harmonizes a lively music scene, an extensive food court, and a collection of vendors offering a diverse selection of antiques, collectibles, among other items. The marketplace’s versatile indoor/outdoor shopping facilities, which accommodate all weather conditions, reinforce its status as a popular weekend destination for locals and tourists.

Open-Close Hour: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9 AM to 5 PM

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 1 Municipal Dr, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

Website: N/A

Best for: Antique and Collectibles Shopping, Live Music, Food Court

Ideal for: Locals, Tourists, Collectors, Food Enthusiasts, Weekend Shoppers

Phila Flea Markets LLC

From its base in Philadelphia, Phila Flea Markets LLC operates as a prominent market orchestrator, managing several flea markets citywide. Each market, designed to cater to a diverse clientele, presents a rotating roster of vendors. Besides free admission and parking, selected markets offer indoor facilities with heating and food courts. Because of the broad range of merchandise and distinct schedules, Pennsylvania shoppers should contact Phila Flea Markets LLC via phone or email to find the perfect market to meet their unique shopping needs.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: Free

Address/Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Website: N/A

Best for: Diverse Shopping Options, Free Admission and Parking

Ideal for: Locals, Tourists, Bargain Shoppers, Collectors, Food Enthusiasts

Renninger’s Market in Kutztown

Established in 1955, Renninger’s Market in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, has skillfully fused the charms of antique, farmers’, and flea markets, enticing a diverse crowd of visitors. The market brings together local and regional vendors, showcasing a varied selection of fresh produce, meat, dairy, antiques, art, and furniture. Beyond being a typical farmers’ market, Renninger’s transforms into a dynamic weekend hub with unique events like the Antique Radio Show and Kutztown Musician’s Swap Meet, along with lively harvest festivals. Even on non-event days, over a thousand vendors provide an engaging shopping environment for enthusiasts.

Open-Close Hour: N/A

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 740 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA 19530

Website: N/A

Best for: Fresh Produce, Antiques, Art, Furniture

Ideal for: Shoppers, Antique Collectors, Art Enthusiasts, Food Lovers

Renninger’s in Adamstown

Renninger’s, the pioneer antiques hub in Adamstown, attracts enthusiastic shoppers every Sunday, regardless of the weather. The diverse offerings of over 300 outdoor vendors entice visitors to arrive early. The indoor section opens after the outdoor market, hosting approximately 375 additional vendors. Located in Denver, PA, this all-encompassing Sunday bazaar provides an array of collectibles, antiques, hand-crafted pieces, and furniture, reflecting the essence of Adamstown’s antique culture.

Open-Close Hour: Every Sunday (Hours: N/A)

Admission Fee: N/A

Address/Location: 2500 North Reading Road, Denver, PA 17517

Website: N/A

Best for: Collectibles, Antiques, Hand-crafted Items, Furniture

Ideal for: Early Morning Shoppers, Antique Lovers, Collectors

Frequently Asked Questions about Pennsylvania, United States


Q: How do I get to Pennsylvania?


A: Pennsylvania is served by many international airports including Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT).


Q: What is the best time of year to visit Pennsylvania?


A: The best time to visit Pennsylvania is during the fall when the leaves are changing colors and the weather is cool.


Q: What are some interesting facts about Pennsylvania?


A: Pennsylvania is known as the Keystone State because of its importance in the formation of the United States. It is home to Hershey’s Chocolate World, the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall.


Q: What is the weather like in Pennsylvania?


A: Pennsylvania experiences all four seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. Spring and fall are mild and pleasant.


Q: What is the official language of Pennsylvania?


A: The official language of Pennsylvania is English.


Q: What is the currency used in Pennsylvania?


A: The currency used in Pennsylvania is the US Dollar (USD).


Q: What kind of food can I expect to find in Pennsylvania?


A: Pennsylvania is known for its Philly Cheesesteak, soft pretzels, and Hershey’s chocolate.


Q: What time zone is Pennsylvania in?


A: Pennsylvania is in the Eastern Time Zone.


Q: What is the electricity voltage in Pennsylvania?


A: The electricity voltage in Pennsylvania is 120V, and the frequency is 60 Hz.


Q: Do I need a visa to visit Pennsylvania?


A: If you are a citizen of a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you do not need a visa to visit Pennsylvania for tourism or business purposes.

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